Kverneland Airseeder and Cultibar

The ideal seeding combination - for most demanding conditions

Precise seed delivery, even in the most demanding conditions, makes the Kverneland Airseeder/Cultibar, the ideal seeding combination.

High Quality Airseeder
Ensure reliable, trouble-free, long life operation with minimal maintenance and downtime.

Innovative design and quality manufacturing provide top quality, robust equipment to cope with the toughest farming conditions.

Low Maintenance
Inbuilt quality and minimal use of grease nipples increase productivity and reduce downtime - without reducing reliability and machine life. 

With working width from 10 to 14 m for primary and secondary soil preparation.

In combination with the Airseeder ready for seeding.

The Cultibar features the biggest wheels available on any cultivator bar.

The 24" main-frame gripster tyres provide outstanding advantages for cultivation and seeding applications.


  • Reliability and durability
  • Superb trash clearance
  • Superior ground following ability
  • Precise depth control
  • Blending of seed and fertiliser
  • Fingertip variable rate control
  • Excellent tracking

Best Flotation
The high flotation 24" wheels ensure minimal track compaction and better depth control.

With the large Cultibar wheels you get:

  • The best flotation
  • Smoothest ride
  • Most accurate
  • Depth control
  • Lowest compaction
  • Least draught
  • Excellent tracking
  • Minimal compaction

The result is perfect root and plant development for higher yield and return per hectare.

Benefits Of "Easy Change" Blending
Kverneland's "Easy Change" Blending System provides you with the flexibility to choose the seeding system that suits your farming needs. Blending is mixing a portion of fertiliser with the seed. Simple Lever Adjustment for Blending Fertiliser and Seed Just move the lever to the selected position to adjust the percentage of fertiliser blended with seed. Simple lever operation provides variable blending combinations: 0%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 50%, 65%, 75%, 85% or 100% of fertiliser blended with seed.

Double Shooting
Double shooting is delivering:

  • seed and
  • fertiliser 

- through separate hoses to separate locations in the soil. Commonly, double shooting places the fertiliser below or to the side of the seed.

Double Shoot With Blending
Double shooting with blending means delivery of:

  • Fertiliser blended with seed in one hose.
  • Fertiliser only in the second hose

and placing them in different locations in the soil bed.

Mixing two fertilisers and placing them separate from the seed is also known as double shooting