Kverneland FlexCart

The Kverneland FlexCart is a trailed cart with 4,300 litre hopper capacity for increased efficiency.

The FlexCart is available as fertilizer carrier in combination with a 6m Optima PH e-drive II. It can be fitted with either 8, 12 or 16 rows. 

The hopper capacity of 4300 litre reduces the number of fillings required and consequently increases hectare performance per hour. The wide hopper opening and the low overall tank height of 2.17m allows easy filling. Inspection windows positioned in the front of the hopper provide the operator with a constant visual indication of the filling level.  


  • Fuel savings – power consumption adequate to implement  
  • Time savings – large hopper capacity and quick filling system
  • High resale value
  • Precision farming – built-in ISOBUS system
  • Easy handling
FlexCart Technical data
Hopper capacity (ltr.) 4300
Combi. w. Optima HD-II  (m) 6
Weight (kg) 2950-3200
Length (m) 6.45
Height (m) without filling auger 2.25
Hopper loading height (m) 2.17
Transport width (m) < 3.0

FlexCart - Main Frame

  • The FlexCart is built around a sturdy main frame made by box section tube 150 x 100 mm.  
  • Tractor connection – Cat 3N cross shaft (Cat 3/ 4N optional)
  • Maximum axle load capacity of 7000 kg at 40km/h
  • Dual circuit pneumatic or hydraulic brake system
  • Cat. 2 rear 3-point linkage: maximum lifting capacity of 4000kg
  • Large underframe clearance
  • Total machine weight of 2900 – 3200kg

FlexCart - Tractor Connection

  • Headland turns up to 90° possible with a tractor track width up to 2.85m
  • Parking leg
  • Counter weight corresponding to the rear implement
  • No negative drawbar load
  • Hydraulic and electric parking position
  • Vacuum gauge for Optima fan
  • Connecting scheme decal

FlexCart - 3-point Linkage

  • Lower linkage Cat 2 – top linkage Cat 3
  • 4000kg lifting capacity
  • Double acting cylinders:
    down-pressured system enables weight transfer to the implement
  • Optional with floating tap valve (e.g. with mechanical Optima)
  • Linkage max. lifting and lowering:
    Max. depth: 420mm
    max. height: 970mm
  • Walterscheid quick couplers
  • Depth adjustment via spacer 2.5mm each

FlexCart - Hopper

  • 4300 litre volume
    Opening: 2.31 x 2.45m
    Height to fill: 2.17m
  • Loading step for safe access to the hopper
  • Easy hopper emptying device on each side
  • Clear inside design: steps, foldable sieves…
  • Control windows on different levels
  • Height adjustable low level sensors
  • Filling auger, hydraulic folding from the tractor cabine
  • Tube diameter 170mm

FlexCart - Metering & Distribution

  • Two electric metering devices from 2 – 400 kg/ha
  • Built-in ISOBUS technology
  • Easy access for calibration
  • Fertilizer device with micro metering as standard
  • Stainless steel penstock
    in order to shut-off the metering from sticking fertilizer
  • One hydraulic fan
  • One or two distribution heads

FlexCart - Electronics

  • The FlexCart and the implement are connected via one ISOBUS cable
  • Electric drive metering
  • Radar speed sensor for FlexCart and Optima combinable
  • Work switch at the lower linkage
    Minimum cylinder movement required, thus optimized metering activation
  • Precision Farming
  • On the move seed rate adjustment
  • Half-width shut-off